Masymas supermercados belongs to a sector of great relevance for the Food Bank of Asturias Foundation for its important and traditional contribution through donations. He collaborates in the project by spreading the voice about COOMIDA in his organization and sector, helping to identify the possible technical and organizational barriers that stops the reduction of food waste and the use of surplus food. In this way Masymas encourages good practices to improve waste management, and encourages its workers and supermarkets to participate in COOMIDA so that it becomes a relevant communication channel with the purpose of notifying food donations to the Food Bank of Asturias Foundation ecosystem.

Asincar  collaborates by deploying actions to disseminate the project, prevent food waste, and encourage the donation of food surplus and recycling in the sector of the meat industries in the Principality of Asturias.

AEFAS is the association of pharmacy of Asturias, a sector that, among other products, sells baby food that is of special interest to food banks because of its importance in the development of children and their usual lack to meet all the demand . AEFAS collaborates in the project by promoting COOMIDA among its associates, encouraging the collaboration of the Asturian pharmacy with the Food Bank Foundation of Asturias, helping to quantify the potential of using food for children in the sector and identifying possible technical and organizational barriers.

Red de Escuelas por el Reciclaje is a network of Schools for Recycling, with more than 10 years promoting the value of recycling and with nearly 200 educational centers of Asturias in it, that involve more than 50,000 students. Is a key piece in the diffusion of the social and environmental values of COOMIDA in the entire school community and its surroundings.

Club Asturiano de Calidad  is an Asturian Quality Club that participates promoting the goals and results of the project among its members, more than 250 organizations with implemented and certified management systems, and especially from its Social Responsibility Institute.

Asdico is the Asturian Association of Diabetics and belongs to the network of non-profit receiving entities of the Food Bank of Asturias.

Asturias Acoge  is a social integration organization that promotes the reception of immigrants in the Principality of Asturias. It is a non-profit receiving entity of the Food Bank of Asturias.

Expoacción Organización Solidaria is a non-profit organization that participate in volunteer actions aimed at providing assistance to any person or group in need who request it, and belongs to the network of receiving entities of the Food Bank of Asturias.

Orden Franciscana Seglar de Avilés is the oldest religious entity of Avilés, founded in the thirteenth century. The Order carries out the “Pan de los Pobres de San Antonio” program through which it receives donations and non-perishable food to distribute it among people in need.



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